Goede Kap
Goede Kap Cabernet Sauvignon
Wine Type: Natural dry red
Slightly wooded
Taste: Berry fruits, nuts
Red berries with almond nuances & soft tannins
Export only

Alc: 14.02  RS: 4.0  pH: 3.63  TA: 6.6  VA:  SO2: 110  FSO2: 35
Goede Kap Pinotage
Wine Type: Natural Dry Red
Taste: Coffee & Mocha
Complex with strong coffee and mocha flavours mixed with plum fruit.

Alc: 13.95  RS: 3.16  pH: 3.66  TA: 5.25  VA:  SO2: 81  FSO2: 41
Goede Kap Merlot
Ripe rich plum/mulberry with lingering almond/vanilla fragrance, satisfyingly textured palate.
Alc: 13.5  RS: 4.0  pH: 3.45  TA: 5.56  VA: 0.45  SO2:  FSO2:
Goede Kap Cape Red 2014
Soft melange of berry fruit and spices. Medium-bodied with good length and little tannin on the palate.
Alc: 13.5  RS: 4.0  pH: 3.39  TA: 5.8  VA: 0.54  SO2:  FSO2:
Goede Kap Cape Medium Sweet Red
Booming, ripe berry nose, sweet fruit flavours.
Alc: 13.5  RS: 32.5  pH: 3.4  TA: 5.6  VA: 0.55  SO2:  FSO2:
Goede Kap Chenin Blanc
Pear and apricot aromas, fruit-salad flavours, mouthfilling. Clean tangy finish.
Alc: 12.5  RS: 5.5  pH: 3.52  TA: 5.72  VA: 0.44  SO2:  FSO2:
Goede Kap Chardonnay 2013
Ripe tropical aromas, layered with marzipan, pineapple grapefruit palate. Crisp, slightly limey.
Alc: 13.5  RS: 4.0  pH: 3.54  TA: 5.8  VA: 0.39  SO2:  FSO2:
Goede Kap Late Harvest
Wine Type: Special late Harvest
Smell: Honey & hay
Taste: fresh tropical fruit flavours, fresh honey overlay

For export only

Alc: 12.94  RS: 45.0  pH: 3.83  TA: 5.3  VA:  SO2: 190  FSO2: 39

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